Classic Sundaes

(All classic sundaes layered with waffle cone pieces)
15.Peach Melba Sundae

Two scoops of Vanilla gelato layered with peaches & a tangy raspberry
sauce topped with whipped cream.
15.Knickerbocker Glory

Vanilla and Strawberry gelato, served with strawberry sauce,
mixed with strawberries, bananas and freshly whipped cream
15.Banana Split

Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry gelato served with banana, topped
with fresh cream, drizzled with chocolate & strawberry sauce &
a strawberry on the top
15.I’m Not Sharing!

Scoops of Chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce, topped with a Brownie
& whipped cream.

Scoops of Bubblegum gelato, topped with marshmallows, Smarties
& sprinkles, drizzled with chocolate sauce & topped with whipped cream
15.Cookie Cream Crunch

Two scoops of Vanilla gelato, crunchy chunks of fresh Oreo cookies,
draped in hot chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream
15.Sinful…but Oh So Heavenly!

Two scoops of Coconut gelato, crushed meringue, drizzled with white
chocolate and strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and topped with fresh
cream & nuts
15.Pecan Nut Sundae

Two scoops of vanilla gelato, layered with chocolate sauce & pecan nuts,
topped with whipped cream!
15.Banoffee Sundae

One scoop of vanilla gelato & one scoop of salted caramel, layered with
nuts, bananas & caramel sauce, topped off with whipped cream &
chocolate shavings!
15.Caramel Coffee Crunch (subject to availability)

Two scoops of Coffee gelato, layered with nuts, banana slices & caramel
sauce, finished with a swirl of whipped cream.
15.Choc Mint (subject to availability)

Scoops of Mint gelato, layered with chocolate sauce, peppermint
crisp & topped with whipped cream.

Ā Gourmet Sundaes

16.Ferrero Supreme

One scoop Vanilla gelato, one scoop Chocolate gelato layered with
Nutella sauce & Ferrero Rochers all topped with whipped cream & nuts!
16.Rafaello Supreme

Two scoops of Coconut gelato, layered with chocolate sauce & Rafaellos
topped with whipped cream & nuts!