17. I Might As Well!

Meringue layered with fresh cream and fresh strawberries


18. Tiramisu

The Italian Classic, frozen topped with cocoa powder


19. I’ll Have What She’s Having

Chocolate volcano cake with an eruption of hot chocolate
sauce, served with gelato of your choice


20. Branofee

Biscuit, layered with caramel sauce, bananas & topped with
cream & chocolate


21. The Brownie

Soft nutty brownie, served with gelato of your choice


22. Chocolate Mousse

Light & fluffy chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream


23. Fruit Platter

Refreshing fruits in season served with gelato or Greek yoghurt


24. Malva

Traditional malva pudding served warm, with either whipped
cream or gelato of your choice


25. Crème brûlée (subject to availability)

A smooth classic, with a crispy sugar top


26. Apple Crumble (subject to availability)

Our version of apple crumble, served warm with either
whipped cream or gelato of your choice

Pancakes / Crêpes


27. Stack of feather light golden pancakes or light delicious crêpes, drizzled
with golden syrup & a generous dusting of icing sugar


Filled with either:

28. Strawberries & cream or

29. Banana, caramel sauce, cream & cinnamon

30. Nutella with strawberries or bananas & cream