Hot Beverages


63. Hot Chocolate – Classic

A          B

64. Hazlenut/White/White Blueberry/Honeycomb
A          B

65. Whipped cream optional
A          B

66. Red Hot Chocolate

A          B




67. Lindt Pure Hot Chocolate

Pure Lindt hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream
& crushed meringue, served with a chocolate spoon
68. Belgian Hot Chocolate

Served with a chocolate spoon & topped with whipped cream



69. Tanganda, Five Roses

70. Twinings or Dilmah Flavoured Teas

Espresso Based




72. Espresso

Extra Espresso Shot
A          B
73. Affogato

A scoop of Vanilla gelato topped with a shotof hot espresso
A          B
74. Espresso Con Panna

Espresso topped with whipped cream
A          B
75. Café Macchiato

Espresso topped up with silky milk foam
A          B

76. Whipped Cream

77. Flavoured coffee extra shots

• Vanilla • Hazelnut • Caramel • Cinnamon • Gingerbread •



78. Filter Coffee

A          B


79. Café Americano

Espresso & hot water
A          B
80. Café Latte

Espresso with steamed milk and less foam
A          B


81. Flavoured Latte

Espresso with steamed milk, less foam & syrup
• Vanilla • Caramel • Cinnamon • Hazelnut • Gingerbread •
A          B


82. Chai Latte

A          B


83. Café Mocha

Espresso with Chocolate and Steamed milk
with foam and/or whipped cream add $1
A         B


84. Cappuccino

Espresso with steamed foamed milk
A          B
85. Nutella Cappuccino

A          B


86. Flat White

Espresso, steamed milk & no foam
A          B


87. Frosted Cinnamon Bun Latte

A          B


88. Chaiccino
           Cappuccino with a twist of chai

A          B


89. Whiteccino

          Cappuccino with white chocolate
A          B


90. Café Reddccino

Caffeine free Rooibos with steamed foamed milk
A          B


91. Red Latte

Caffeine free Rooibos with steamed milk and less foam
A          B