107. Mojito

club soda, mint & lime


108. Passion Mojito

passion, mint & lime


109. Sassy Sangria

summer sensation with maraschino cherries


110. Sunrise

orange juice, grenadine syrup, soda water, lemon slice


111. Manhattan

lemon juice, lemonade and blueberry syrup
112. Passion

      tangy but sweet


113. Sea Breeze

refreshing blue mocktail


114. Strawberry Daiquiri

a taste of summer…blended/unblended!


115. Shirley Temple

grenadine, orange, lime & lemonade!


116. Shandy

refreshing, an ultimate summer blend!


117. Fancy Meg Ryan

made with real berries!


118. Pina Colada

Caribbean cooler!


119. Pink Watermelon


120. Cola Tonic