Light Meals

All sandwiches served with a portion of salad of the day & crisps

Toasted Sandwiches


43. Smoked Chicken & Mayo – Plain • Mild • Hot • Sweet Chilli •


44. Smoked Beef & Cheese


45. Smoked Beef & Mayo


46. Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese


47. Cheese


48. Cheese & Tomato


49. Toasted Peanut butter n’ Banana


50. (Or choose instead to have a bagel) add



51. Smoked Salmon Salad

Drizzled with creamy lemon herb sauce
52. Smoked Chicken & pecan nut salad


Served with a sweet chilli sauce


53. Smokey New York salad

Crispy lettuce, smoked, cucumber, slivers of carrots & Camembert cheese, grapes, fresh strawberries & pecan nuts, served with a tangy dressing

54. Greek salad

Refreshing green salad with olives & Feta cheese


55. I’ll Have What He’s Having!


An All American burger, stuffed with creamy mushroom
sauce & cheese, served with a side of salad & crisps
Choose between hearty beef or chicken patty


56. Breakfast Burger – (served all day)

Beef patty with a hole in the centre, that’s filled with an
oozing egg, topped with cheese & tomato, served with a
salad & creamed mushroom sauce
57. Man Burger

Double beef or chicken patty
topped with cheese mushroom sauce
on onion rings and gherkins
58. Half a Man Burger

Single burger layered with tangy burger sauce, lettuce, creamy mushroom sauce, onions & topped with a slice of cheese!
59. Ditch the carbs

no roll. Burger patty with lots of salad!
A Classic Philly Cheesesteak made with thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, mushrooms and onions on a buttery toasted roll.


60. Time Square Nachos 

Our Classic twist on nachos. Smoked chicken tossed in a BBQ sauce, layered with beans, cheese Doritos & topped with a dollop of sour cream