31. Freshly made Belgian waffles

Served with a scoop of gelato of your choice OR freshly whipped cream,
golden syrup & either strawberries or bananas (or both)


31A. Add an Extra Sauce 

• White Chocolate sauce • Chocolate sauce • Strawberry sauce •


31B. Add an Extra Topping

• Pecan nuts • Chopped nuts • Peppermint Crisp • Marshmallows •
• Extra Cream • Oreos • Aero Mint •


32. White Chocolate Kiss

Belgian waffle kissed with melted white chocolate sauce,
topped with cream and white chocolate shavings…….Irresistible!


33. Banofee Waffle

Belgian waffle with bananas, cream, nuts & caramel sauce


Gourmet Waffles


34. Ferrero Waffle

Belgian waffle draped in cream & Nutella sauce, served
with Ferrero Rochers & gelato of your choice


34. Rafaello Waffle

Belgian waffle draped in cream & white chocolate sauce,
served with Rafaellos & Coconut gelato



Our secret to these great tasting waffles…
Our waffle dough is freshly made, using the finest
Belgian waffle ingredients…


39. Plain

Drizzled with golden syrup & topped with whipped cream


40. Strawberry

Fresh strawberries & whipped cream


41. Rainbow

Whipped cream, Smarties & golden syrup


Gourmet Fudge Puppy


42. Peach Melba

Peaches, whipped cream & raspberry sauce


42. Banoffee

Bananas, nuts, cream & caramel sauce


42. Nutella

As it is, with whipped cream


42. Cookies & Cream

Crushed Oreos, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


42. Peppermint Crisp

Crushed peppermint crisp, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


42. Pecan Nuts

Pecans, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


42. Honeycomb

Crushed Crunchie, whipped cream & drizzled with golden syrup
or honey


42. Bounty Hunter

Chopped pieces of Bounty, whipped cream & chocolate sauce


42. White Chocolate

Shaved white chocolate, whipped cream & white chocolate sauce